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Design4Structures are delighted to announce that we have been commissioned to transform North West London’s Brunswick Studios into a new residential area. The plan is to expand the original construction of this recording studio, which was built in the 1900’s, to create eight new dwellings with little impact on the surrounding area. The expansion and any modifications will also use sustainable materials, ensuring that this classic building is environmentally modern. Both our structural and infrastructure engineering teams will be required for this project, working on exciting and challenging designs alongside Aqua Architects.

The proposed structural and civil works will require a whole spectrum of skills and expertise, and a resident engineer will be present throughout the construction phases to ensure smooth completion of the project. The main priority will be to improve the build quality of the existing construction, which will involve assessing the structure and making sure that it adheres to current legislation. Our teams will also need to ensure that any modifications align with the desired aesthetic of the architect’s designs. As the site is isolated at the end of a narrow alley with several large trees in close proximity, our teams will also need to account for any issues with accessibility.

At present, the planned structural alterations include replacing the existing timber roof with a series of steel portal frames, which will enable the new Duplex units to be hung below on lightweight steel frames. The timber joists on the first floor will also be replaced with a new concrete slab, which will be supported on composite metal decking and steel beams. The existing sub-basement of one of the ground floor residential units will also be altered in order to increase the finished floor level, while the existing steel lintels on the external wall of the ground floor will be replaced. We will also take charge of any associated temporary works design for façade propping.

As the existing structure is divided centrally, with one half being a single storey and the other a double, part of the structural alterations on this project will be to allow for the future addition of a second storey over the single storey portion of the building. Our team will also assess the capacity of the existing substructure and the possibility for an extension onto the existing foundations. Finally, our infrastructure engineers will be in charge of adapting the existing surface water and foul drainage networks to include new manholes, below ground drainage and connections into the existing infrastructure.

Our role in this project is extensive, and our client has provided us with a challenge from both a design and constructability perspective. We are thrilled to be working alongside Aqua Architects and look forward to bringing their designs to life. 

Images: Aqua Architects