Madinah Villa

  • Client
    Open Systems Architecture Ltd
  • Architect
    Marco Vanucci, OPENSYSTEMS Architecture Ltd.
  • Site
    Saudi Arabia


The D4S Structures team are both proud and excited to be working with OpenSystems Architecture on this beautiful new development in Madinah. The architectural design has been led by Marco Vanucci, the founding director. The structure of this three-storey villa has been designed so that it is both practical for families and takes into consideration the heat of Saudi Arabia.

The finished structure will seamlessly integrate the indoors with the outdoors, and will include walk-in wardrobes, movable partitions and open plan areas which allow for plenty of indirect light to enter the rooms. All of these features will work together to create an open space which feels fresh, clean and cool, making the building a practical space for avoiding the heat of the day.

This will also be extended to the external areas of the property through large cantilevers, a modern structure which creates interesting elevations while also providing plenty of shade. The top floor will be a penthouse with a private terrace featuring a sheltered seating area and a pool.

D4S are looking forward to working on this stunning piece of architecture. The villa has been carefully designed to create a beautiful and contemporary space that is practical for escaping the heat of the Arabian days. We look forward to bringing these architectural designs to life.

Images: OpenSystems Architecture