Lucent W1, is a major £250m mixed use development by Landsec.

The seven-storey concrete building, with two basement levels, provides over 110,000 sq. ft of commercial space, 30,000 sq. ft of retail and 3,000 sq. ft of residential area.

The roof of the building is an iconic part of the architectural form, taking the shape of a non-parallelogram trapezoid with intricate faceted surfaces and complex interfaces between them. The original design consisted of a traditionally built hot-rolled steel roof, with individual infill members to support the roof build-ups and finishes.

Our award-winning approach towards this project, pushes the way we construct and manufacture into a new realm of delivery.

The Solution

The substantial constraints, including the intricate geometric design, build duration, temporary works requirements and location, led to the instruction of D4S to review the design and provide an innovative solution utilising modern methods of construction, that would provide benefits from design through to the construction stage. D4S was appointed to develop the offsite strategy and deliver the design of the multifaceted roof, adopting modular panelised roof elements. The scope brough in-house teams together, to share their individual expertise, working jointly. These service areas include:

  • Structural design in permanent and temporary conditions (e.g. transport and erection)
  • Connection design
  • Pre-fabrication strateg
  • 3D construction modelling and clash detection
  • Full steel fabrication detailing.

Using panelisation, paved the way for standardisation, with 75% of construction taking place in a controlled environment. Repetitive, module geometrics over the entirety of the roof, with complete lines of identical panelised assemblies, were design for installation where practical.

Delivery Impact

This project brought the D4S Engineering and Construction Modelling Teams together as one. Utilising BIM and 3D Modelling in Tekla enabled a fully coordinated approach. Clash detection reviews, along with a pre-fabrication strategy, meant that potential issues with site installation and tolerance, could be addressed during the modelling process and effectively designed out. This essentially de-risked as far as possible, for all parties involved, whilst creating greater efficiencies around resource and procurement.

Notable project outcomes also included;
  • Construction time on-site reduced by 16 week
  • Zero non-conformances on site
  • No site remedial works
  • Zero site injuries
  • Reduced disruption of the busy surrounding area.


Image Credits: Wates


One Sherwood Street, Piccadilly Circus, London


Mixed Use




Fletcher Priest Architects

Project Value

£250 million

Holly Tree Corner, Margate
Holly Tree Corner, Margate
Holly Tree Corner, Margate
Holly Tree Corner, Margate
Holly Tree Corner, Margate
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We are proud to have won numerous awards for our work on this project;

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