Seel Street

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    Snook Architects
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Liverpool is well-known for its nightlife, and the demolition of a derelict garage on Seel Street has made way for a new bar and restaurant to join the city’s hotspots. Snook Architects, who designed the building, have also worked on several of the city’s other nightspots, and this time, they have created a four-storey structure that is in keeping with the surroundings. As well as a bar and restaurant, the new structure also features four studio apartments on the upper levels.

D4S worked together alongside TDS on this project, allowing both of our highly skilled teams to handle the project’s complexities smoothly, completing the project within the client’s desired timeframe. While our sister company dealt with detailing the building’s structural steel, we were tasked with providing the calculations. 

It was crucial that our calculations were accurate, as the architect had designed a very tall structure requiring extra support due to its slender frame. This problem was solved by using a substantial number of splice connections for the columns, which were then pinned down to the concrete base using extra-long HD bolts. Our connection designs needed to be suitable for this type of structure, and so working together with TDS was a vital part of the project. 

This project has seen a rundown garage be transformed into a modern and popular nightspot in Liverpool. Although the project proved challenging due to its impressive architectural design, our teamwork and collaboration with TDS ensured that the project was completed successfully.