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D4S are excited to be collaborating with global engineering consultancy AECOM, to assist in the delivering of the prestigious new Hong Kong International Airport.

The specialist Connection Design Team at Design4Structures (D4S) have been commissioned by AECOM to work alongside their structural engineers in designing and detailing the non-standard and complex steelwork connections for the roof structure.

D4S working closely with AECOM will develop their design intent to a fabrication level detail for the primary and secondary trusses known as the Cloud and Feather trusses respectively. Also, to assist with the rafters and bracing in the roof and the complex heavily loaded tree structure supporting the roof.

This first phase of work will incorporate almost 50 different types, including CIDECT connection and complex torsion and moment connections, with primary truss splices designed to take huge forces of 6900Kn compression and 7100kn torsion.

We are delighted to have also recently won the second phase of this major project with AECOM.