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Established in Jersey in 1950, Jacksons is the only car dealership in the Channel Islands who has been approved for selling high-end vehicle marques such as BMW, Porsche and Audi. Having gained the trust of these marques, Jacksons also have an authorised repair centre which allows them to offer full manufacturer-approved servicing and warranties. 

Our team were tasked with both the modelling and detailing of the structure, including all the non-standard steelwork connections of a single storey development for a state of the art showroom and service centre. This detailing involved structural steelwork, as well as the roof and elevations, using cold-rolled steel. The building took on an architectural design similar to the structure of a mono pitch portal frame, and instead of using the conventional beam and column design, the construction primarily used trusses.

Although the building is small, the challenges it posed were great due to its complex and unconventional design involving some highly intricate details. This made it challenging when trying to piece the structure together, and the specific type of system used to produce the cold-rolled steel posed further complications when working with this particular design. Moreover, the structure also incorporated a horizontal cladding system instead of a standard vertical system, but we worked together with our client’s, Keda Structures, cladding draughtsman to overcome this added complexity.  

Despite being more complicated than first thought, our team were able to deliver the remit they were tasked with, and the development was successfully completed in March of this year. We were excited to have the chance to work with such a prestigious car dealership and valued customer based on the island of Jersey, and given that everything about this company is geared towards delivering top quality, we were honoured that they trusted our teams of skilled engineers to drive this project to the finishing line.

Images: Eden Park