• Client
    Patrick Parsons Consulting Engineers
  • Architect
    Owen Ellis Architects
  • Site
    Southport, Merseyside


Back in 2015, Merseyrail submitted a proposal to refurbish Ainsdale railway station and this project has now been completed. The existing facilities were demolished and have been replaced with a variety of modern, updated features which will be easy to maintain, including a community police station, shopping facilities and bicycle storage. The station has also been made wheelchair friendly by improving access to the platforms and toilet facilities, as well as eco-friendly with LED lighting, rainwater harvesting and solar panels.

D4S were asked to work together with our sister company, TDS, to design and detail the structural steel including all the non-standard steelwork connections for this project. Our client believed that our experience and abilities would ensure that the design’s complex features would be finished to a high standard within a tight schedule, and they tasked us with detailing the structural steel for a new ticket office, waiting room and a low-level roof around the structure’s perimeter. We are pleased to say that our team of structural engineers were able to work alongside TDS on this collaborative project to meet both our client’s needs and expectations.

What made this project especially challenging was the roof of the ticket office. Not only did this have a complex oval shape, but it was also on a slope. This meant that the detailing of the roof involved some highly complex geometry, and our team used their extensive knowledge of trigonometry to overcome this challenge. The complex design of this oval roof also had an impact on the difficulty of the connection designs. These connection designs were also an issue for the low-level roof, but by working alongside TDS, we were able to complete all of these detailed connections successfully.

The station now offers an up-to-date, practical facility that can be used by all. Our experienced engineers have once again demonstrated their capabilities in dealing with complex detailing and have worked as a team with TDS to provide a quality finish to this project. Merseyrail customers can now receive a first class service right from the start of their journey at Ainsdale railway station.

Images: Southport Visiter