Digital Retail Signage

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    Westfield London Shopping Ccentre in White City


Modern technology is constantly bringing new levels of convenience into our daily lives, and Trueform’s interactive digital totems are the latest in digital retail signage. So far, they have provided over 50,000 units to various locations throughout the world, innovating people's experiences of retail, leisure and transport facilities. Design4Structures were asked to work together with Trueform to design pods of various sizes for the Westfield London shopping centre in White City, and over 170 of these units have now been installed.

This was an interesting project for us here at D4S, as it allowed us the opportunity to take a step away from our usual architectural metalwork projects and explore something a little bit different. These aesthetically designed pods are a key part of Westfield’s retail expansion, which is entirely focused on improving the customer experience. 

Images: Trueform