Lidl, Erdington

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    Erdington, Birmingham



As part of a nationwide expansion programme to increase their market presence, Lidl are remodelling many existing stores to include an onsite bakery. Alongside the introduction of a bakery, floor space is being increased to accommodate additional product lines. These improvements follow a strict design brief laid down for a number of new stores that have also been commissioned. This case study relates to Lidl, Erdington that at first appeared to be a typical remodel, however, after the design process commenced, it was clear this would not be the case. As such our D4S Structural Engineering team worked closely with AGS, the Glass Curtain Walling providers, to develop the design of the frame and associated connections within the parameters of the client’s strict design brief.


  • Curtain wall frame designs

  • Curtain wall frame connection designs

  • Steel to concrete connection designs


The proposed new façade had to be delivered in line with Lidl’s strict design brief that had been issued at tender stage. The design specified single span curtain walling, but because the building height was far taller than any store that had previously been remodelled, there would be no mid-point support for the glazing to be tied back to. Therefore, it was clear that using an aluminium curtain wall system was not going to be appropriate for this project. After a thorough, structural design check on the proposed curtain wall system it was decided that introducing a mid-point steel would be needed to achieve the Lidl design brief. Once the steel was introduced the curtain walling then became double span and that allowed the standard 250mm curtain wall box section to be used. The internal tie back steel was hidden from view externally by a ribbon panel section that ran the full width of the building. The duration of the project was limited to 7 weeks to minimise disruption to trading. By working closely with AGS our team was able to design the frame, all its associated connections, including steel to concrete connections, and three sets of bi-parting doors on time and within budget.

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