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Earlier this year Tekla approached D4S to produce a case study, that would focus on the power of its software and how it enables us to maximise our integration of Engineering and Detailing in-house.

Exploring how our unique approach aims to de-risk project delivery at the construction and manufacture stage, enabling more accurate planning of materials, timescales, cost and resource, we share the ways in which Tekla facilitates this, whilst transforming the accuracy of data and information available to clients.

Featuring our CEO Daniel Leech, with Modular Volumetric Lead, Adam Harkin and Offsite Construction Modelling Lead, John Breeze we discuss how the traction for our Stage 0-5 delivery has grown significantly within the offsite sector in particular, and why the need for true collaboration in the industry is more important than ever.

Contact us, to discover how our combined Engineering and Detailing services, could transform the success of your project schemes.

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