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This International Women In Engineering Day, we are shining a light on our very first engineering employee.

From humble beginnings working solo, to building up her dream team in Greece, it’s safe to say that Engineering Director Elita Nteri has delivered many projects ‘enhanced by engineering’.

As a driving force for much of the success enjoyed by Design4Structures today, here she talks about her journey into engineering, her impressive career and why raising the profile of women in the sector is still as important as ever.

Elita Nteri, IWED 2024

Elita Nteri

Director of Construction Engineering

Tell us about your journey into engineering? Who or what inspired you?

After finishing my MSc in engineering, I started working first in survey projects and then I moved to structural engineering projects. This gave me access to one of the biggest steel fabrication plants in Greece at the time. I was 24 years old. It was hard for my colleagues to accept consultancy from a young girl. Nevertheless, I had the chance to meet talented people in the fabrication process who became my mentors in steel construction and design. I spent 11 years working there and I feel grateful for all the knowledge, expertise and experience that I was absorbing from engineers, workers, suppliers, painters, storemen, galvanizers and detailers along the way.

In 2016, I became the first employee of the D4S engineering team. After 8 years of hard and challenging design work, I feel proud of the team’s growth and development in multiple engineering and detailing sectors. I have most definitely adopted the UK simplicity approach in engineering and in the way of living. I feel thankful for the work challenges, the opportunities, the people and the benefits within the D4S Team, progressing together to grow the business and benefit the sector.   I’m really looking forward to collaborating and taking D4S to the next level of engineering consultancy.

“There is a wider acknowledgement of the talent and skills that women bring to the discipline. The industry certainly is overcoming stereotypical challenges, and it is encouraging to see these women inspiring the next generation. More women in engineering will mean more role models for future generations.”

What has been the most rewarding project or accomplishment in your engineering career so far?

All the projects that I have worked on so far, regardless of their scale, inflamed my passion for engineering. Designing the connections for the Terminal 2 building in Hong Kong airport affected me most, not that much because of its size, but for the design concepts that we developed as a team.

Women are still under-represented in engineering. What strategies do you think could help improve diversity and inclusion in the sector?

Confidence, communication, and teamwork. Thinking positively and sharing experiences, knowledge, thoughts, concerns and life moments. The “give and take” approach could create the working environment that encourages all the members of the team to perform at their highest-level promoting diversity at all sectors.

“Currently, only 15.7% of the engineering workforce is female, compared to 56.1% of the rest of the workforce*.”

How do you see the role of women evolving in the engineering industry over the next decade?

Women are gifted by nature to serve multiple roles. As long as they are in position to serve the engineering discipline with morality and sensibility, they should be seen as a respected voice both inside and outside of the engineering sector. We need more of this to accelerate change.

What advice would you give to women who are considering a career in engineering?

Remain confident, focused and curious to learn. Engineers have a passion for creating something new and different.  Finding someone strong in the areas they need to develop will help them become more rounded and fill gaps in their skillset. And consider a broad and diverse network of people – across ages, nationalities, genders, personalities, and interests.  

Design 4 Structures is proud to support campaigns like International Women in Engineering Day. The value diversity brings is hugely important to our growth and the ways in which we can innovate and push boundaries for our clients and the wider industry. To found out more about our approach and the work we are doing in the UK and overseas contact us.

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