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As an SME we were fearful of what it meant for all industries, not just construction and if this would impact our dedicated staff in ways we were unable to control.

What became apparent very early on in the pandemic was, despite the huge change in our working environment, our team’s commitment and passion for their work shone and guided us through the most uncertain of times and continues to do so. The loyalty of our existing clients and the trust new ones put into us as a business has been overwhelming and fuelled our drive to minimise the negative impact this period threatened early on.

We put every measure and expertise possible in place to future proof and protect our staff and clients, embracing the opportunities that have shifted from last year and brought forward developments and also huge growth in the residential sector from extensions, multi scale development to luxury homes – in both traditional and MMC

As a result of this we have been in an extremely fortunate position in opening up a number of new engineering positions at D4S, which has doubled our team. As we break-up for the Christmas period we can only feel grateful as we take this opportunity to thank our amazing team and clients, for not only helping us through a period where we know others haven’t been as fortunate, but delivering and presenting new and exciting opportunities that give us hope for the future and even the next year ahead. We know there will still be challenges ahead but we’re ready to take them on and grow stronger as a result.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and (hopefully) even Happier New Year!

Now do one 2020!

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